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  • Nejc
    Great tool. With the help of this gel Erogen X I built up to 5 cm long and 1.5 wide. The woman I loved! If used only once a month, but now we have sex for two hours every day.
    Erogen X
  • Nika
    Ice Erogen X my husband two months ago. Affordable tool, high-quality, and most importantly, effective! During 7 years of a joint life first began to enjoy the intimate life.
    Erogen X
  • Žan
    Principles of the relationships lasted no more than 2-3 meetings. No one spoke, but I think that after all that was the size of the penis. I learned on ice Erogen X forum for men with a similar problem. Happy with the result. Three months of use, the penis is 6 cm long. With the new girl meet for the second month, the relationship is super!
    Erogen X
  • Sara
    My husband still could not say that I don't have any more strength to withstand its small size! Start searching the Internet for the information that in situations such as these, that do the other. Know Erogen X. Now before each sex that make her husband erotic massage and massage your penis with the ice. He believes that his penis grew only from my massage), More than 4 cm as is only!
    Erogen X
  • Nik
    Have not been able to have sex with more than 15-20 minutes. Go to the doctor, it is recommended the use of ice Erogen X. After a week of use could survive for half an hour. Now, a month after sex two to three and even four hours is not a problem for me. The girls are a scream of pleasure. I'm happy with the result!
    Erogen X
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