Experience in the use of Erogen X

Maria and Roberto, Lisbon

gel to increase penis Erogen X - experience in the use of'

Hello! My name is Maria, today, in the name of our couples decided to write a review about the solution is miraculous for penis enlargement Erogen Xthat helped to save our marriage and make intimate relationships, more vivid, sensory, and expressive. After a brief story about my husband and why did you start to use this means, briefly, what this means, I reveal our experiences and personal secrets of effective use.

Gel to increase penis Erogen X

I live with my husband of 8 years. Professionally and successfully with the young people to make the sauce, the classes are taught in a private school of dance. Perhaps, we all know that the sauce is mainly dance fiery passion of the men and women. With regard to feelings, my Roberto all the years the attraction only intensified. But with regard to intimate life, curiously enough, it was quite... fast and dry. The passion and the fire of the senses apparently he was out of the room. All that have remained, but six months ago by accident of friends, we have learned that there is a special gel that increases the adult age, the improvement of the potency and strengthens the erection and stimulates the man for continuous sexual intercourse. Erogen X!

The use of ice - how to use

Bought it, read the manual, began to use it. In parallel, we dance a couple of years how to practice tantric sex, so I am very competent in the skills of erotic massage, in particular male sexual organs). In General, if massage husband made me once a week and the regular use of gels for sex, with the acquisition of Erogen X - each day for 15-20 minutes. Process, I have to admit that is very funny and brings a lot of pleasant sensations for both.

The consistency of the gel is very light, very easy to apply and massage as a delicate skin. One bottle (150 ml) for daily use, we have enough for 2 weeks. Buy a six-pack on the official website, so you received a discount. The price of the purchase was affordable enough. Delivery received in 5 days.

Customer review on ice Erogen X for penis enlargement

Three months later, result of the use of Erogen X

In another place a month and a half of applying the gel, I noticed that my penis, Roberto was thicker and, in general, larger. Three months later, when all the ordered gel that we used, decided to measure, so to speak, to evaluate clearly). When you get an erection, 7.3 cm in length and 2.1 cm in volume! The result has exceeded all expectations! During the application of the gel has never caused allergies, or any adverse effect which has not been seen. Despite the fact that it uses the ice every night, there were no calluses, and there's not even the slightest damage.

About the changes in our husband in the sexual relationship, happy with the result (and I especially) not less. We can say, now our favorite pastime is spending time together, not to make the salsa, and only in a more intimate setting. The duration of each one of the times in less than an hour or two. It happens several times almost immediately. Apparently he opened the energy output that was not used during the last years of the conjugal life).

We recommend the ice Erogen X as a really efficient tool for the penis enlargement, which can change the life of two people for the better. Good sex is the best rest and cure for any fatigue!